The Museum Square is furnished in the style of the 1920’s. Imagine yourself in the old The Hague with authentic The Hague facades.

The reconstruction of the property of Louwman and Parqui is situated at the Museumplein. Originally situated at the Lekstraat, The Hague. Back in the days, they sold Dodge automobiles. That is also where the name that is on the front of the façade came from: The Dodge Brothers. Within the building, there are two Dodge cars, both have been in possession of Louwman and Parqui. The incredible collection of the Louwman family started with a Dodge from November 1914. Dodge started building automobiles in this month. The Dodge had been purchased in 1934, when the car was 20 years old, and was shown in the showroom at the Lekstraat. The car was getting noticed and more cars were sold. So, what happened after 1934; interesting automobiles that were traded were kept back and that is how the collection started. The 1914 Dodge is now exhibited in the museum.

The original façade of the restaurant House of Lords has also been rebuild. De façade was located at the ‘’Lange Poten’’, but had to make way for the ministry of the Netherlands. The political elite, The Hague chic and the top of the business life were guests in this international Michelin-star restaurant.

The Louwman Museum has the original Spijker lathes and a part of the, at the time, workplace. When Spijker went bankrupt in 1925, Mister Tiggeler – head of the Spijker factory – bought the lathes and started for himself in Amsterdam. The third generation Tiggeler are now retired. There are no successors; the law did not allow someone to work with the lathes. The Louwman Museum bought the lathes and placed them in the Louwman Museum.  A lot that is left of the old workplace has been shown at the Museum Square; the dust on the lights is 80 years old.

Next to the workplace is a very special petrol pump, a Shell crown pump with its original bowl. There are only 17 of these left in The Netherlands. At one point, these pumps have been removed. The pumps were so heavy that the mechanics flipped them over, which caused the bowls to break.

The ‘’Hofstad’’ is a pharmacist on the square with the doors of the old Palace Hotel from Scheveningen. The shop interior dates from 1917 and originates from a pharmacist in Birmingham. The entire interior and furniture were bought, including the pharmacist’s bottles with gold labels. The pharmacy plays an important part in the history of the automobile. Back in the days, there were no gas stations so you had to buy ligroin at the pharmacist.

The exact building of the quarrying C.P. Bakker, located at the Waldorpstraat 34A has been rebuild. The front of the building had been stored at the municipality The Hague, because it was an historical building. The Louwman Museum gained permission to rebuild this façade in the town where it was originally located.

In the back of the museum, right underneath the authentic logo of The Hague – the stork – the oldest mailbox of The Netherlands is exhibited. It is a red mailbox from 1850 made by ironworks L.I. Enthoven located in The Hague.

W you look up, there is a cabin of a blimp. This has been rebuild for a movie from 1953. A little further away, there is an original hot air balloon basket from 1920. Since Monday, the 11th of April, there is also a plane hanging from the ceiling at the Museum Square.

Everything that is located at the Museum Square is authentic, including the granite floor and the old lamp posts. A true experience! You are able to enjoy an extensive lunch, tasty snacks or coffee or tea with some pastry. 

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